About the Speakers

Marvin Carpenter

System Engineer

Marvin Carpenter is an experienced Windows Server DevOps Engineer with a focus on automation using PowerShell, Chef, SCCM, and other configuration management tools. He holds many Microsoft technical certifications.

PowerShell Toolmaking: From Zero To Hero

The goal of the talk is to meet you where you are on your PowerShell journey. We will begin with a very basic PowerShell script and work our way through converting the script to an advanced function and finally to a reusable tool. The talk will focus on:

  • Parameterizing and Sanitizing and the script: Refactoring the script in preparation for making it a reusable tool.
  • Error handling: How to gracefully handle errors.
  • Remoting capability and working with script blocks: Refactoring the tool to work with remote systems.
  • Comment based help and working with parameter sets : Refactoring the tool to provide help.