About the Speakers

James Petty

CEO at The DevOps Collective

James Petty is a Microsoft MVP, and the CEO and Executive Director for the DevOps Collective (and PowerShell.org). James is also the co-founder of the Chattanooga PowerShell Users Group, co-organizer of the Chattanooga PowerShell Saturday Conference, and co-organizer of the PowerShell + DevOps global summit.

Securing PSRemoting

Having the ability to run your code on multiple machines at once is one of the useful capabilities of PowerShell. Gone are the days of click, click, next, repeat x 10 servers. Enabling PowerShell remoting is the easy part, but how do you secure your environment to make your security friends happy?

We will go over how to enable PSRemoting, and how to implement security protocols on how to make the environment easy to use, but also secure.