About the Speakers

David Wiggs

DevOps & Security Engineer

David Wiggs is an experienced presenter, giving talks at many Meetups, user groups, and Microsoft events. He is currently a DevOps and Security Engineer focusing on incorporating automation and security in the SDLC. David can be found blogging on his website http://www.awshole.com/

Azure Administration Using Azure Functions and Logic Apps

Start implementing “Desired State Configurations” for more than just Virtual Machines. You’ll learn a framework using Azure Monitor, Logic Apps, and (PowerShell) Functions to manage all Azure Resources… for free!
Many are aware of the power of using PowerShell DSC to ensure a configuration state of an operating system and services. In this brief talk, those principles will be extended. Some use cases of when applying a “state configuration” to Azure resources minimizes technical debt, improves security, and automates remediation of undesirable states will be discussed. The session will close with a demo of how to configure the framework to implement a desired state configuration for Azure SQL Server firewall rules.

Rapid Function Development

When you are first starting with PowerShell, determining when and how to get your code into a function quickly can be challenging. Let’s talk about when code should be moved into a function, and how to build scalable, maintainable code quickly.

In this talk, we will cover some “gut checks” to know when it might be time to move your code into a function, how to build a scalable, maintainable functional library using dot sourcing, and how to “scaffold” functions using repeatable patterns to support rapid development.

Attendees can expect to learn the criteria for when it is appropriate to move their code to a function. And when they do move their code, the speakers will share some function “scaffolding” (templates) for good performance, scale, and compatibility. Attendees will also learn how to create a function library and dot-source scripts to make their code more reusable and maintainable.