About the Speakers

Adam Bertram

Automation/DevOps Engineer

Adam Bertram is a 6x Microsoft MVP, 2015 PowerShell Hero, and author of 'PowerShell for Sysadmins', and 'The Pester Book.' He is a subject matter expert in automation, DevOps and IT systems that just so happens to know how to convey knowledge gained through experience in the form of written articles, online courses, and workshops. Adam can be found blogging on his website, adamtheautomator.com

Azure DevOps Pipelines for the Infrastructure Automator

So you think software developers get to have all the fun with automated CI/CD pipelines? Think again! With a properly-built Azure DevOps pipeline, Terraform and infrastructure as code, you can take advantage of all the automated testing and deployment goodies you can expect from a pipeline.

By now, we all use PowerShell in some way to automate boring tasks. But PowerShell is just a small part of a much bigger automation tooling ecosystem out there. The next phase is DevOps. But you may have heard DevOps is only for software developers.

You’ve heard wrong.

DevOps philosophies and tooling can be applied across a huge majority of IT operations tasks too. It’s time sysadmins start automating all the things!

This talk will briefly introduce you to CI/CD pipelines, Azure DevOps and the concept of infrastructure as code. We’ll walk through an example of building a completely-automated VM-provisioning Azure DevOps pipeline. Using Terraform, PowerShell, Pester, and Azure DevOps as our orchestrator, we will cover how to never have to worry about manually building VMs again.

If you’re an IT admin, engineer or DevOps pro with a basic understanding of infrastructure as code and CI/CD pipelines, this talk is for you.

By the end of this talk, you should be inspired to look for excuses and build more automated pipelines in your environment.