Chicago PowerShell Conference

July 31, 2020


Chicago PowerShell Conference

Join us on July 31, 2020 for an amazing one-day virtual event. This PowerShell conference is not only for beginners, but advanced users as well, with multiple community members and MVP's presenting a wide range of topics.

Many of our speakers are either Microsoft engineers or have achieved Microsoft MVP status based on their in-depth knowledge of PowerShell.


With a different talk every hour, there is no shortage of sessions to join in on. Watch them all or drop into the ones that best fit you!


Ask questions and get answers from your favorite speakers after each session.

Jeffery Snover
PowerShell Inventor

Jeffrey will discuss where we are and where we are going with PowerShell. He will articulate the main themes of PowerShell and how they have played out through V7 and then articulate the thinking and approach to V7.1.

Frank Lesniak & David Wiggs
Senior Cloud & Infrastructure Architect

In this talk, we will cover some “gut checks” to know when it might be time to move your code into a function, how to build a scalable, maintainable functional library using dot sourcing, and how to “scaffold” functions using repeatable patterns to support rapid development.

Jeff Hicks
MVP - Author of PowerShell in a Month of Lunches

Learn how to create a better structure for your PowerShell modules and how to automate the process including adding support for git and GitHub.

11:05 CST - 11:45

James Petty
CEO DevOps Collective

Having the ability to run your code on multiple machines at once is one of the useful capabilities of PowerShell. Gone are the days of click, click, next, repeat x 10 servers. Enabling PowerShell remoting is the easy part, but how do you secure your environment to make your security friends happy?

Lee Berg
Technical Product Manager

This session will demonstrate the capabilities of “Universal Automation” the new tool from Ironman Software designed from the ground up for orchestrating PowerShell scripts.

Windows Task Scheduler too hard to manage? Jenkins too complex? Well Universal Automation is likely the perfect fit for you!

Kyle Ruddy
MVP, Technical Marketing for Terraform

Configuration management is a key DevOps principle. PowerShell and PowerShell DSC is an easy way to make use of config management in our environments. However, there’s one area that’s been missing that ability: VMware. PowerCLI has introduced the key to close that gap, and… it’s open-sourced!

Adam Bertram
MVP, Author/Owner of

So you think software developers get to have all the fun with automated CI/CD pipelines? Think again! With a properly-built Azure DevOps pipeline, Terraform and infrastructure as code, you can take advantage of all the automated testing and deployment goodies you can expect from a pipeline.

David Wiggs
DevOps & Security Engineer

Start implementing “Desired State Configurations” for more than just Virtual Machines. You’ll learn a framework using Azure Monitor, Logic Apps, and (PowerShell) Functions to manage all Azure Resources… for free!

Joseph Houghes
Solutions Architect

This is about showing folks how quickly they can get up to speed with GitHub actions to run their existing Terraform configurations for Azure. There are not many examples or leveraging GitHub Actions available, but everyone should understand how easy the basics of the platform is to use.

Jeff Brown
Systems Engineer & Cloud Administrator

Have you ever written a PowerShell script? A function? An entire module? Why not share it with others! In this talk, I’ll discuss what you need to prepare and to upload your first package to the PowerShell Gallery. I’ll also take a look at automated testing and publishing using Azure DevOps.


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